Concrete is a commonly used material around everybody's house. It's crucial to keep it in a good shape especially because it's a building block of the house from the foundation, going through the interior and garage to the exterior. The only thing that bothers people about concrete is how long my concrete will last especially in the ice-cold or fire-hot environment we have in Toronto and Mississauga. That is the question that doesn't have one answer and in that blog post, we will try to explain why your concrete surface might be very durable or is chipping only after a year.


The climate is one of the most important factors that contribute to concrete slab durability. Concrete known as a hard material loses its properties if the weather is too cold or too hot. Unfortunately, Toronto's climate has both therefore it is quite against long-lasting concrete. Due to that fact, we put our effort to separate any negative environmental factors from the concrete slab surface to protect it and give it a long-lasting perfect look. There are many methods to protect the concrete surface and we use the best and all of them to protect your surface. We prepare the sight with gravel and metal meshes to give the concrete breathing room and flexibility when it shrinks or expands due to the temperature. That protects concrete from internal damage like cracking as well as from negative exterior conditions like chipping. Epoxy is an additional way to protect the surface. The water, snow as well as any other chemical or natural spills just slide off the concrete surface not allowing the fluids to penetrate inside the slab. This combination guarantees a long-lasting concrete surface without any problems.


Very important factor that significantly contributes to the overall concrete hardness is the materials selected in the process. Concrete like any other building material has many variations that are used for different building types. It is crucial to select proper concrete with designated hardness. Because of a particular specification of the pouring material the surface will survive in every environment but also will last for a longer time. It will be resistant to temperature expansion and shrinking what will maintain its original shape and protect the surface from chipping Through time we gained experience and we know what brand is the best for the harsh Canadian environment to provide a long-lasting surface without crack and chips.


Peter is a highly skilled decorative concrete contractor renowned for transforming ordinary concrete into extraordinary works of art through his expert craftsmanship and innovative design techniques.