Chipped concrete is quite common especially in Canada in cities like Toronto, Mississauga, and generally in the entire GTA. That is why it is important to hire a professional contractor to avoid concrete chipping, spalling, and other concrete-related problems. We as professionals have spent numerous hours on the construction site as well as taken a large number of concrete setting courses to provide the highest possible quality in the hard weather environment existing in Canadian cities. We know almost everything about concrete therefore, the materials we use are the highest in quality. What is more, there are different factors to consider during the concrete slab construction like humidity, moisture, etc. That's why the contractor should use specialized concrete and prepare the site according to environmental needs.

Common Surfaces of Concrete Repair in Toronto

  • Pool Deck Repair
  • Porch Concrete Repair
  • Retaining Walls Repair and Alignment
  • Walkways around the House and Street
  • Garage Floors

Each surface is different

The above list is very diverse in terms of the environmental conditions but also accordingly with the concrete strength and finishing types. For example, the pool deck is a very moisture-exposed area. Concrete exposed to water but not properly bounded won't last for a very long time that is why we apply all the measures to avoid chipping and rinsing out the concrete materials near the pool area. Firstly, the areas have to be properly reinforced with steel to give the concrete strength. After the concrete pouring, we shape the area at a certain angle to avoid water retains. Furthermore, the best solution for the aesthetical look but also to preserve the look of the concrete for ages is the epoxy coating. Epoxy as a finishing material repels water and protects the concrete surface from sinking. On the other hand, the garage floor is not exposed to any exterior environment factors however there are also some negative influences in form of car chemicals but also high exposure on car weight and friction wearing. Because of that, it is important to use high-strength concrete with special reinforcement to hold up the car weight and distribute it over the entire surface. Because of that, the friction from breaking or moving wheels won't wear the concrete surface and the weight distribution with steel reinforcement will prevent the creation of dents on the even and polished concrete surface. Epoxy is also a good solution to prevent chemicals from getting into concrete. This way your concrete will be always like new without chipping, cracking and epoxy will give you a great designer look for a very long time.


Peter is a highly skilled decorative concrete contractor renowned for transforming ordinary concrete into extraordinary works of art through his expert craftsmanship and innovative design techniques.